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Tasty Eggs The Easy Way

Perfect eggs every time.

No More Excuses for Not Making The Best Hard Boiled Eggs

So recently I invested in an electric egg cooker. The main reason why I decided to do this is because I wanted to up my protein. Eggs are great because eating them ensures, that I get my vitamin B12 & zinc plus other vitamins.

I must admit that, I have never been able to boil an egg. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have attempted to boil a simple egg.  No yolk!

egg machine
It’s Time to invest in egg machine! Image: Copyright Pascal D’Sanchez

Every time I have tried to boil an egg the traditional way, it has resulted in a squiggly embarrassing mess.  I can scramble an egg, fry eggs, even make a mean omelette. The whole, boil an egg scenario has always left me stumped.

boiled egg on top on bread beside salt shaker
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 An Egg Machine Makes Preparing The Best Hard Boiled Eggs Easier

Then I stumbled across an egg machine by accident.  Once I locked my eggs on egg machine, that was it.  I am so pleased that I bought my egg machine, it has been a revelation.  Not only can I cook the best hard boiled eggs for the family.  My egg machine also doubles up as an egg poacher.

So, you could say that I am now, quite the egg connoisseur. I could kick myself for not investing in this machine earlier.  I must admit, that I was stunned to realize that, not all eggs are equal. Different shops sell different varieties of eggs. Take for instance, last week when I bought six eggs from my supermarket. I nearly fainted when I lifted the lid to find six white eggs!

I must admit that I have never seen white eggs before. Anyway, they tasted delightful and made me feel full for a while afterwards. These were definitely the best hard boiled eggs ever.

Interestingly, eggs contain B5, folate and vitamin A. Several times a week, I will eat eggs at lunch, with a slice of wholegrain bread and a tomato salad. There are even egg machines with an omelet attachment (super convenient). 


Organic Hard Boiled Eggs are Delicious

I think free range eggs tend to have a more pleasant appearance and taste. It is generally thought that the nutritional value of an egg depends to a large extent on what the hen consumed.

I came to the conclusion that the happier the hen is, the tastier the egg. When it comes to eggs, organic eggs are my favourite they have a delicious flavour.

Written by Pascal D’Sanchez

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