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Nourishing Coconut Oil for Your Hair

Coconut Oil for Coloured Hair

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Coconut oil is benefit for treated hair and hair which has been dyed. This oil nourishes the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. There are many different brands of coconut oil and quality can vary. It is advisable to do a strand test to begin with, in case the oil fades your hair colour. The best coconut oil for your coloured hair, is the one which suits your hair texture. Some people prefer virgin coconut because it may be more gentle on your dyed hair strands.

Coconut oil is one of my favourite oils, to use on my hair. This oil is widely available and it really does go a long way. Bear in mind, that this coconut oil should not be stored directly in the sunlight. This oil will last for even more time in a dark glass container.

Coconut Oil for Hair

I use this amazing oil is as a cleanser for my scalp. I find that the oil softens my hair, and makes it a lot easier to manage without being overly greasy.  Lots of men also apply this oil to their beard, for extra softness. Another reason why this oil gets the thumbs up from me, is because this oil is rich in vitamin E. 

Once a week, I will use coconut oil as a cheap pre-wash mask. I will apply the oil on my dry hair and cover with a shower cap (for an hour or two). I will then shampoo and condition as normal.

This oil is perfect for adding hydration, preventing hair breakage and adding shine to hair. Another additional benefit is that coconut oil has a nice scent.

Coconut oil for hair and scalp.
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For extra softness I will do a this oil mask last thing at night.  I often leave this mask overnight, then wash out the mask first thing in the morning. If your hair is dyed you may wish to check with your hairdresser first.  I have found that this oil gives my hair great protection from harsh winds. Furthermore this oil gives my hair shine. Overall, I have found that the feel of my hair has improved greatly since incorporating coconut oil masks, into my weekly hair routine.


Conclusion paragraph: You may have heard that you can use coconut oil for cooking, but did you know it is also a nourishing hair product? This oil contains vitamin E which helps repair your hair and scalp. It seals in moisture to prevent dryness and breakage while locking out frizz. So if your locks are feeling less than gorgeous, try some of these natural ways to make them look their best again! And please tell us what other posts on this blog might be of interest. I hope you enjoyed this post on the benefits of this for hair. If you have comments, please post them below and be sure to share with your friends!

Written by Pascal D’Sanchez

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