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Why Effective Communication is Important

Know What You Are Talking About

One of the main principles of effective communication is io know what you are talking about. You really have to think before you let your mouth say foolish things. The last thing you want to do, is put yourself in an embarrassing predicament. So there has never been a better time to start learning effective communication skills.

Common sense is a big part of solidifying the fact that you know your facts. To be an effective speaker, you must understand the topic at hand. It is essential that you are always building on your foundation of knowledge. That is the essence of effective communication.

Are You Listening?

Listening is just as important as asking questions. At times, listening to the sound of our own voice can teach us to have self-confidence and to say the things we believe in with conviction.

Be Humble

We all make mistakes, I’m conscious of that. Sometimes we can stammer and probably pronounce some words wrong, even though we know what it means, but rarely use it only to impress the listeners. So in a group, don’t be afraid to ask if you’re saying the right word correctly and if you’re unsure about it then make a joke out of it. I promise it’ll make everyone laugh and you’ll be fine.

Harness The Power of Eye Contact

There’s a lot to be said for focusing your attention on your audience. It’s important that you maintain your focus when talking to a large group.

Come on, have some fun

A bit of humor can do wonders to ease the tension, there is nothing worse than boring speech. Humor is sure to attract the attention of the majority of the crowd. Good humor is good for everyone. Adding humor makes you more likable and relevant. The audience will be delighted to hear what you have to say.

Get Social

Interaction involves mixing with others. You will be inspired and be able to pass ideas around with other people with similar ideas.

Self Talk Is Good Talk

Sometimes there isn’t anything more enlightening than talking to yourself. I often stand in front of a mirror and do a speech or a voice-over, and it has helped me a lot. This is a form of individual advancement. With this approach, I can collect my nerves and adjust my voice tone.
The effect of speaking in front of the mirror is to correct myself in the privacy of my own home. There is no awkwardness or shame, just me as an individual using my power and my truth. This method means that my effective communication skills is strengthening.

Make sure you smile

A genuine smile presents you with an opportunity. There is no reason to avoid any meeting or social setting because you feel that you don’t possess effective skills in communicating. You have a better time when you smile. So be confident and put your best foot forward. People are more supportive than you think and a smile makes you more approachable.

Identify Your Role Model

There must be at least one or two people in your life who have moved your soul. I know that there are several people who have inspired me to want more out of life. I have marvelled at their effective communication. A role model is like a trailblazer who goes before you.

Enjoy preparing instead of just scribbling notes and often in a hasty panic. Many people find it very helpful to place notes in journal or on cards.

Always Be Prepared

And that about wraps it up. Follow this advice and give yourself the knowledge that you deserve. One last word of advice, watch the conversations that surround you. Question how positive you felt about these conversations.
Also, mentally note anything you didn’t like about how these conversations progressed. Effective communication can take time to master, but it is worthwhile in the end.


You know the saying, “communication is the key” but at what point do you truly understand why it should be so important for your life? Communication affects all other aspects of our lives enormously. It affects not only how we feel and interact with others in social situations, but also impacts our productivity at work. When you think about it, effective communication is vital in relationships with partners, friends and family members. If you want to improve any area of your life that communication touches upon then this post was written for you. Check out my posts or share your thoughts by leaving your comments here! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Written by Pascal D’Sanchez

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