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Great Vitamins For A Healthy Immune System

Your immune system is an incredible thing. It protects the body from everything that can make you ill, such as bacteria and viruses. But sometimes your immune system needs a little push to follow along with all the bad stuff out there! Thankfully, there are many vitamins, for a healthy Immune system. It is never too late to take care of yourself and keeping your immune system in check is vital. Drinking water and staying hydrated is essential if you want to remain healthy.

Vitamin C for A Healthy Immune System

This is an important vitamin, that can be found in many foods. It is important for the immune system because it helps to make and repair connective tissue, form blood vessels and bones. Vitamin C can help wounds to heal. This vitamin, also helps in the production of collagen which is essential for skin health.

A deficiency in vitamin C can lead to a weakened immune system. This type of deficiency can increase susceptibility to sicknesses or infections, as well as hemorrhaging from wounds.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that humans require to get through the ingestion of foods or supplements. It helps build and maintain tissues, form blood cells, and keep the immune system healthy.

The Food and Nutrition Board suggest an intake of 75-90 mg/day of Vitamin C for adults. The recommended intake can be obtained from a combination of food sources as well as supplement use.

This vitamin, is one of the most studied vitamins in history, with research spanning over 7 decades. It has been shown that vitamin C deficiency affects various parts of the immune system, including natural killer cell function, neutrophil chemotaxis and phagocytosis, and delayed-type hypersensitivity.

Beauty often starts within with what you eat and drink, but also outside. This is where essential vitamins and minerals come in. If you want to have a healthy immune system, feel vibrant on the inside and outside. Always ensure you have the following vitamins every day. Orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is thought to beneficial for the immune system.

  • Vitamin C is vital for internal and external beauty.
  • It provides nutrients to ward off the flu.
  • This vitamin is crucial for overall health.
  • Vitamin C boosts collagen in the skin.

Vitamin D for The Immune System

Vitamin D comes from the sun as the most natural source, but you may not spend as much time outdoors in winter with cold weather and darker days.

  • Vitamin D is required more in the winter.
  • A UV lamp may help with getting more Vitamin D.
  • Fortified milk is a good source of Vitamin D.
  • Getting the plenty of Vitamin D can boost energy levels.

Vitamin E

If you have ever had problems with your skin, you know the power of vitamin E. This really works wonders for natural beauty, not just for your skin, but for your hair strength and overall health. It can also be great for improving the health of your nails. Some people take vitamin E supplements daily. furthermore another option would be to use vitamin E oil.

  • Vitamin E can be applied topically.
  • This oil can help to prevent free radical damage.
  • It can help with the appearance of wrinkles.
  • This oil can add moisture to the skin.
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It’s important to be proactive in boosting your immune system. We can help you find ways to do that and keep your immunity strong, but first make sure you are doing research on the best methods for keeping your immune system healthy. You may also want to consider these methods when it comes time for a family member or friend who is sick.

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Written by Pascal D’Sanchez .

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. The contents of this post is for entertainment purposes only.

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