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How To Start Creative Writing

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How to Start Creative Writing

One of the best ways to start creative writing is by increasing your vocabulary. For me this has meant reading a book every day, and I’ve been really fortunate because my favorite books are crime thrillers that keep me on edge throughout each page turn! When I was at school, English lit was actually the most enjoyable lesson- it’s where I learned how much joy there can be in storytelling. My teachers were always so progressive when teaching us new words or discussing different styles with us; they made literature come alive for those who loved stories as much as we did! I say if any of you wish to write, then do it. All you have to do, is start. Right down your first word and keep going. Your creative writing journey is unique to you, enjoy it. To kick start your writing journey, try the following ideas:

Get more creative with your journal

If you wish to enjoy these benefits, the best thing to do is to start exploring your writing. You can start with creative writing by being more creative in how you write in your everyday journal. First try to describe everything you write in greater depth.

For example, if you write about what happened to you today, describe everything. Write down people’s mannerisms, their appearance, their personality and their likes and dislikes. Did anyone say anything that touched your heart? If yes, write this down in your journal. Did you visit the park? Did you ride a bicycle? Where creative writing is concerned, always aim to be as descriptive as possible. Make your descriptions, appealing to read.

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Creative Writing Classes

Creative writing classes will teach you methods of creative writing. Having good working knowledge of punctuation, will be a great asset. Some local colleges even offer, free creative writing classes. Where creative writing classes are concerned, you are spoilt for choice. You can take creative writing courses, locally or on-line. I would recommend doing plenty of research because I have found, that techniques vary. There are plenty of writing books which contain lots of creative writing prompts. This is great because you can gain insight when it comes to creative writing. As you begin to complete writing exercises, your self discipline will begin to soar. When write on a regular basis you’ll become self disciplined. It is believed that people who write often utilize different parts of their brain than people who non writers. This is beneficial for brain health

Write with a Pen

Writing freehand as opposed to typing your laptop, uses an area entirely different of your brain. It also makes you slow down and take your time. Writing stimulates neural activity in the part of the brain.

Creative writing connects your brain’s two hemispheres and enhances your memory. You can use creative writing as a way to gain the benefits of meditation while feeling productive.

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